Vogel, offers a unique collection of quartz sinks by focusing on development of a new image of kitchen. The company’s distinguishing feature is represented by the concept of classic elegance which is noticeable in essential forms and outstanding quality materials. The use of natural components and innovative German technologies provides the leading position in the sink market.

The company's aim is to improve consumers quality of life. The consumer is always at the center of all of our developments. With the most diverse customer needs always in mind, Vogel Sink strives to improve the quality of life by providing outstanding brand, innovative designs and top-class solutions.

The quality is one of the significant criteria’s in our work and we appreciate satisfaction and enthusiasm of our consumers. Our aim is to offer the best quality in every step of our cooperation, from management, sales, materials to the customer service and supply chain.

“The Vogel brand is made of finest ingredients and good taste – it is one of the best dishes made in the kitchen.”

Mission & Vision



Provision of profitable and long-lasting sustainable brand growth;
in order to realize it, we are targeting international and local markets;
innovative designs and high-quality products to reach more
consumers in the rapidly changing world.